Saturday, December 12, 2015


It's dance recital time! We always enjoy watching Reagan dance. And she always has the cutest costumes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Operation LOFT!

We decided that with our tall ceilings we wanted to do something with it so we decided to get a loft put in. It was a lot to have done after just having a baby(it started when Miss P was a couple weeks old) but it is so nice to have it done. It took roughly 8 weeks to complete.  It is our new toy room! Miss P learned to sleep through lots of loud noises this way :) 

Bryson and Carson were always on the ladders trying to help. Brian's parents came down so we put him to work putting up all new fans :) 

Almost done! 

So exciting to see it all come together.

And I just love this flooring! I now want it all through our downstairs. 

Just missing fans. Yay!

And the downstairs is complete! We absolutely love it! 

Before and after. Now to get all the toys upstairs! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Princess P is 2 months!

Reagan has started calling her Princess P so we can add that to another awesome nickname for her! :) Miss P and Princess P. I am thinking the name came from Mario Kart(Princess Peach) but I'm not totally sure.

2 month stats:
14 lbs 13 oz
24.25 in
98-99 percentile

*love her pacifier
*gives us lots of smiles
*starting to talk(coo) and it is the cutest thing
*slept through the night 1x and it was fabulous. now to get that to be her normal....
*horrible sleep fighter :(
*drool bucket

Can you see how wet her shirt is?! Yep she is constantly soaking wet! 

Aunt Katie and Reagan on the left and Aunt Katie and Peyton on the right. 7 years apart. Look at how much bigger Peyton is than Reagan!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Lil' Update

Just a little picture update to show what we have been up to :) 

Our Stake had a fun Country Fair and Bryson won these at one of the game booths. I was shocked he actually put them on for a picture!

Reagan's school had a Veterans Day program. Each grade sang patriotic songs and had flags. She loved it! 

Build her Elsa legos she got for her birthday

While Grandma Jo was here, back in October, she took all the kids with her for her morning walk. They loved it. 

Bryson and Carson asked if they could run to GG's house. Surprisingly, they ran the whole way!

We got to celebrate GGs birthday :) 

Miss P's 1st Thanksgiving

GO Royals! Thanks Aunt Ellie and Uncle Gary

haha! I came out of the shower and found Carson in Peyton's bed waiting to shower.

Best invention ever! 

Carson loves to do everything Bryson does. 

The kids love cooking hot dogs over the fire! And of course we have to do smores and roast starburst :) 

Reagan pulled out her town tooth! #3 gone with 3 more loose. Just call her Toothless ;) 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Family Pictures

We had my sisters friend, Kammie, do our family pictures and I love them all! Thanks Kammie! This will be a picture post :)